Do I need a lawyer ?
This is a question only you can answer. In a personal injury case, the insurance companies have professionals working for them (adjusters) and protecting them. These people regularly ask you to provide information that they are not entitled too, but know that you do not know that. It is wise to allow someone who knows the process to help protect you.
In a criminal case, one has to remember that District Attorneys in our State are elected officials, and as such they have to be able to tell the general public that they are 'tough on crime' and have 'no tolerance' for certain types of crimes. That is all well and good for political sound bites in re-election attempts, but it is not practical. You want someone on your side and looking out for you when you are facing criminal charges.
How much does a lawyer cost ?
The answer depends on what type of case you have and the facts and circumstances surrounding that case. If you have a personal injury case (like a car accident, on the job injury, etc.) then I only charge you if monies are collected in your case. This is known as a contingency fee. In other words, if I do not collect for you then you do not owe me.
If you are charged with a felony, then I charge you a flat fee based upon the facts of the case and your personal history. If you have a family law or civil litigation case, you are charged an initial retainer fee. You are then charged an hourly fee against the retainer. That fee is based upon your cases particular facts and circumstances.
How much is a consultation ?
This depends upon the type of case you have. If you have a personal injury case, then the consultation is free and I am happy to make home and/or hospital visits if necessary.
If you have a family law, criminal, or civil litigation case, the consultation fee is $75.00. If you choose to hire me, the consultation fees goes toward your initial retainer fee cost.
Can I have the opposing party pay my lawyer fees ?
Depending upon the type of case you have, this is possible. However, this is generally left to the Trial Court Judges' discretion and is based upon the facts of your case and the type of case it is.
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